Monday, September 5, 2011

Sam's preschool fun!

 Sam goes to Preschool. He takes the bus 2 times a week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Before school started, he was excited, but the day came, he had his backpack on, the school bus honked out in front of our house, so we ran outside excitedly. We run up to the bus and then the moment of truth came for him when he had to leave mom. I asked the lady if I could ride the bus with him. She said no. So, I shoved him on the bus and off he went screaming. (He's a shy/clingy personality). After that, every time he talked about the bus, he said, "I don't want to ride it anymore. I'm tired of it." Now we bribe him with an ice cream sandwich. Every time we run out to the bus, I just keep repeating the words "ice cream sandwich, ice cream sandwich"  and then, push him onto the bus. (I need my free time.)   :)   It seems to work every time. Bribery is my best friend :)
His much-deserved ice cream sandwich


The Stouts said...

Miles has started preschool as well. He was so excited for weeks leading up to it. He was even excited when we got there.He ran in and hung up his back pack. But then had a meltdown when I went to leave. When I picked him up that afternoon he screamed because he didn't want to leave.

anne said...

The lady said "no"? Id cry too if I had to hop into a bus with her.