Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A party for the Firkus family on July 4th

Ivy and Inger
 The Harris Family threw a party for the Firkus's who moved out of our ward a year or two ago on July 4th. *Sniff* We were excited to see them and here is a few people in the ward who came to the party to see them (and of course eat the food, esp Inger's amazing ice cream dessert!) :)
Mike and fiancee Missy. They announced their engagement

US! :)

The Hughes

The Whites

The Whipple's


The Denney's

The Harris's

Alisa and Dan Firkus! It was good to see them again!

 All the group

Mike Kammerman, fiance Missy, and kids

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anne said...

Looks like the whole town showed up!