Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is what I have been thinking about!


Sam and I looking alike

So, Sam weighs around 15 pounds. He is in size 6-9 months and he is almost 3 months. Hmmm.... I think he has definatly inherited my body or he is definately inherited a Tharp body. I have to go garage sale shopping tomorrow for clothes. Any ideas on how to make a child not be so chunky? I drink tons of water and eat lots of greens mixed in with sugar of course.
I added a few pictures of me as a baby. I think we finally figured out who he looks like. For the longest time, we thought he just looked like Sam. He didn't look like either of us. Now we know.

This is Sam sleeping. It seems like he always lays his pacifier down. He loves that ugly green one. Whatever works!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sam at about 3 months

My new haircut, which has been the best thing I have done since Sam was born, is so awesome. The beautician thinned it out and it is so easy to take care of. Sam has also grown too. He is much easier to take care of than he was at birth.
It's nice to be at home, not having to work. I am going to start painting curbs. I have to earn $2,000 to go to Brazil, back to my mission. I am excited. We are going to Hawaii in 2 weeks with my parents. It will be fun taking Sam. Mom is going, so hopefully we can have her watch her #1 grandson during this time. :)